Using beeswax candles is not only non-toxic and harmless, but also reduces the occurrence of air allergies

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The cleanest, brightest and longest burning candles are beeswax candles!

Beeswax candles are the oldest candles in the world. There was a period in the past when candles were worshipped as holy light, and bees were kept in temples and candles were made from beeswax. Today, beeswax candles can be used to add warmth and natural light to your home life, along with a pleasant, light aroma.

Are beeswax candles safe? YES. Pure beeswax candles are naturally smoke-free and contain no chemical fragrances. In actual combustion, beeswax candles produce some subtle aromatic smells, which are largely attributable to the nectar and honey originally stored in the hive. Beeswax is one of the densest waxes, with a melting point of about 65°C. Pure beeswax candles burn cleanly with virtually no smoke.

Hand-Poured Beeswax Pillar Candles

Do beeswax candles have wax tears? Beeswax candles naturally do not have wax tears. Because beeswax is densely arranged inside and has a high melting point, these candles tend to burn slowly and burn for a long time without forming wax tears. In contrast, commonly used paraffin stearin candles tend to form wax droplets.

Are beeswax candles toxic? Beeswax candles are non-toxic. Beeswax is a natural substance produced by bees.

Pure beeswax candles are chemical free and biodegradable.


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