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The collection of beeswax is mostly done in spring and autumn. By strengthening bee colony feeding and management, beekeepers encourage bees to secrete more beeswax and build more honeycombs, and then cut off the old hive honeycombs that have been used for many years, the built spleen, cut off the wax cover of the hive, the base and when shaking honey. The honey caps that come down are collected and extracted manually. Generally, the honeycomb after removing the honey is put into a pot to heat and melt, and then the upper layer of cocoon, bee corpse, foam and other impurities are removed. It will condense into a solid, float on the water surface, and it will be yellow wax when taken out. Yellow wax will become white wax after refining, decolorization and other processing processes.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles also include the following process after the beeswax melts into a liquid and before the candle is drilled and wicked , and then pour water into the pool for cooling in sections, and there is a time interval for stopping water injection after each water injection section; when the water level reaches a certain height, it is necessary to continuously pour wax liquid into the mold; after that, the mold is kept at 22 ~ 30 ℃ for 0.5 ~ 0.5 ~ 2 hours, and continue to pour wax liquid into the mold; then empty the water in the pool and let the mold cool at room temperature and then move it into the cold storage; when the surface of the candle appears hoarfrost, remove the mold from the cold storage and warm it at room temperature until Candles are easily removed from the mould. The process of the invention is simple and reasonable, saves time and labor, has high yield and low cost, and the prepared beeswax candle has firm texture, reliable continuous combustion and smooth surface.

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